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In a world (B2B supply industry) with rare resources, big changes and a global sales and purchasing market, we are the ones that bring suppliers and buyers together. Because we are convinced that in our role as a professional mediator we will generate additional time for your own core competencies and passions for all those involved. And we will not stop until all - vendor and buyer companies - entrust us with procurement management. Our credo is: We create additional time for your core competence and passion.


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27. December 2021

Swiss companies in tool and mould making are among the world's leading manufacturers. They are characterised by innovative solutions and the highest quality. The leading tool and mould makers supply demanding customers from the medical technology, food and packaging industries as well as from the automotive industry, the watchmaking industry and various other industrial sectors.

29. September 2021

Additive manufacturing processes now offer excellent options for manufacturing lightweight components. Process-related restrictions in conventional production are no longer decisive for design and production. Material and weight savings in order to obtain structure-optimized components are an important factor in mechanical and plant engineering, depending on the area of application.

24. March 2021

Imoberdorf machines - 10-20 times faster, at half the energy costs, superlative efficiency increase

23. March 2021

Process automation including production cells and software for mechanical manufacturing to strive for the I4.0 idea in the industry. Solutions from Ticino with the goal of achieving 8760h utilization per machine. Now the question arises: 24/7/J = 8760h - utopian or possible?

18. March 2021

Sales 4b2b's offering covers the entire value chain. From the idea to the ready-to-install product, all steps can be offered. We are ready to inspire and advise you on complex challenges and innovative solutions, tailored to 3D metal and plastic printing.

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Rolf Bläsi

CEO Aeschlimann Decollétage AG

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Bruno Boner

Leiter Material Management, Festo Microtechnology

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Anatolij Glamazdin

Einkauf Wittenstein SE



Meet Swiss`Best  The southern German and Swiss economies have been closely interlinked in the subcontracting sector for decades, operating at a very high level in terms of quality and quantity. 

EPHJ trade fair. Every year, companies and specialists in watchmaking, jewellery, microtechnology and medical technology gather in Geneva for the world's largest trade fair for high-precision technology. 

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