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Long turning, multi-spindle machining, short turning, chuck turning and hydromats

Plastic Injection Moulding

Stamping, forming and deep drawing

Precision milled parts

  • Our aim is to make no compromises in quality and to use the most cost-effective and fastest method of manufacturing your products. From single pieces to the production of entire series.
  • CNC machining of individual parts, prototypes, series and assemblies according to your drawings. Innovative CAD-CAM programming techniques enable efficient machining.
  • Highly complex precision components manufactured simultaneously.
  • Top advice at first hand
  • Innovation on up to 5 axes

Gearing parts

Carbide special tools logarithmic relief ground

Gloor HM tools are manufactured with the customer's desired profile. The specially developed manufacturing process allows us to provide even the most complicated profile shapes with the logarithmic relief.

Galvanic surface refinement

Additive manufacturing

Module assembly


Own product - Removal system for sliding headstock

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